The Marketer’s Challenge

November 29, 2017 4:37 pm

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How can you make your brand stand out from the crowd?

The changing media landscape and the explosion of digital communication means that we no longer have a captive audience. On a daily basis consumers are bombarded with up to 5000 messages all competing for their attention.

So how can we cut through the clutter?

A catchy jingle or a clever slogan isn’t enough. So the challenge is finding a way through. Promotional merchandise offers a powerful solution in the marketer’s toolbox and is unlike any other form of promotional/advertising activity. Why? It’s a gift, it’s tangible and it adds enhancement to someone’s day.

Furthermore, it leaves a positive emotion and it can repeatedly give your brand exposure long after a campaign is finished.

The power of the humble mug 

1.5k hot drinks are consumed per person each year. 100 mugs with your brand and message on equates to 150k hits a year. Just think what 1000 mugs could do!

The clever use of promotional merchandise will target customers effectively, give a sense of a brand’s personality and create loyalty. It is 5 times more likely to generate a favourable impression than an online ad (BPMA Survey) and it is a powerful component of any marketing strategy/campaign.

Durham Mug

Amplify your brand

We are specialists in the field and offer a no obligation consultative approach to helping clients find the right promotional merchandise to amplify their brand.

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