Promotional Merchandise – Eco Terms Explained

July 29, 2019 11:27 am

bamboo cup range

What is eco-friendly promotional merchandise?

Eco-friendly promotional merchandise can be hard to find. In a market saturated with plastic bottles and unrecyclable electronics, finding greener alternatives can seem impossible.

But, is it?

With big brands taking large leaps into the eco-friendly future, like Glastonbury’s ban on plastic and Tesco’s aim to slash food and packaging waste, the promotional merchandise industry wants to do their bit to help the planet too, with more environmentally-friendly merchandise.

Whether it’s sustainable, reusable or recyclable items you’re looking for, by understanding the terminology of the eco-friendly industry, you can make more informed choices for your brand, and our planet.

  1. Sustainable

If an item is made from sustainable materials, it means that it won’t damage the environment at any stage of its lifecycle, be it at production or when it’s time to be thrown-away. Think: bamboo, straw and cork.

Our favourite sustainable products at Shout are the Bamboo Wireless Speaker, and the amazing bamboo pen.

Bamboo Wireless Speaker

  1. Reusable

If an item is reusable, it means it can be used repeatedly during its lifetime, saving single-use products from landfill. In the UK 7.7 billion plastic water bottles are used each year. Think of how amazing it would be for the environment if everyone used a reusable water bottle instead?

Our favourite reusable promotional items have to be aluminium straws, and the Vasa Bottle. Try your logo engraved for subtle, elegant branding.

  1. Recyclable

A recyclable item is one that won’t go to landfill. It can be re-used and re-purposed into something new, something exciting each time it is recycled. It can be recycled again, and again, and again!

Our ceramic mugs are recyclable, being repurposed for construction projects and even gravel pathways. Or, even better, cotton shoppers that are technically both reusable AND recyclable.

  1. Biodegradable

Lastly, what better way to help the planet stay green than with packaging that’s biodegradable? There’s no fuss, and no waste. Items can be broken-down organically, right back into the environment.

We suggest biodegradable products for giveaway items. We love jelly beans with biodegradable packaging which can be completely composted. Or how about notebooks made from recycled materials?

Environmentally Friendly Promotional Merchandise

At Shout, we have lots of fantastic ideas to maximise your brand, whilst still being environmentally conscious. By defining what it means to be eco-friendly, Shout can supply items with 100% environmental clarity, and we hope to help you find the perfect item for your brand.

If you want to find out more information, or are just excited to explore how your brand can help the planet too, why not come along to our Showcase? Click here for your exclusive invite.

It’s your brand, and our planet. 

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This post was written by Shout Promotional Merchandise