Virtual Onboarding

November 11, 2020 10:51 am

Starting an office based job at a new organisation is daunting at the best of times but in the current climate with most office based people working from home there is little opportunity to get to know  colleagues, ask questions and become familiar with company culture. Human beings naturally adapt to their environment and as company culture usually comes together within a space it’s important to remember to keep it alive whilst working from home. Here are a few tips to help make the transition as smooth as possible for on-boarding your new starters.

Pre-joining preparation

Make sure that new starters have everything that they need well before the start date. This includes technology set up, all the necessary information resources in one place and an itinerary for the first week or two which includes training and an introductory session with everyone in the team. We can help with collating ‘new starter packs’ containing promotional merchandise such as a branded notebook, pen and water bottle which can be personalised with an individual name to create a really warm welcome. This also re-enforces the company culture and gives a solid reminder that people are part of a brand and not just a task or project. We can also produce a bespoke new starter planner which could include fun facts and history about the company, contact details, relevant dates and company values. Click here for some suggestions to get you started.

Good Practice for Virtual Onboarding

  • Appoint a peer as an informal mentor for the first month who will be available to help and offer friendship with regular contact, also nominate a wider team that will be available to answer questions if needed. Why not add a personalised note in with the branded gift pack signed by the team members? Team spirit is often top of the list for job satisfaction and talent retention.
  • Create opportunities for your new starter to get to know their wider team. With the absence of shared lunch breaks or the usual kitchen chat it can be difficult to get to know colleagues that you won’t necessarily be dealing with on a daily basis. A fun social activity can help with this such as a quiz or a small virtual group social. Branded clothing can work well for a virtual gathering. For more ideas for a themed virtual event click here.
  • Delivering a strong message about health, wellbeing and inclusivity will put your new starter at ease very quickly. To know that the virtual workplace is a safe and open environment encourages good communication and disclosure about the unseen difficulties that can arise from working at home.

A month or two down the line

Seek feedback from your new starter to see if there is anything that would have made the transition easier for them.  You’ll be amazed at the small things that can make all the difference and the great suggestions that are offered in response to this kind of request for feedback. Also take some time go over some of the information that was shared in the early days, it can be overwhelming to be bombarded with everything  in the first week or two and much of this will make a lot more sense with the context of familiarity.

This post was written by Shout Promotional Merchandise