How to engage your virtual attendees

November 24, 2020 7:31 pm

Get your promotional merchandise to do the work for you. People really appreciate a branded gift and can’t help wanting to reciprocate. A virtual event is the perfect setting to reap a return on your promotional merchandise investment. It can also be a great way to add value for your sponsors.


Collect data in exchange for a pre-event gift box. An online form can collect all sorts of valuable data about your attendees and their buying habits/budgets/current needs which will help you market to them later. An incentive will do a great job of persuading people to share this information!

Here are a few ideas for potential contents:

Branded Chocolate Countdown Calendar

Everyone loves a chocolate advent calendar, the ultimate taster leading up to the most fun event of the year. Replicate this with a countdown to your event with your very own desktop branded countdown calendar to remind your invitees about the event every day for 12 days leading up to the event. It’s a hard one to ignore and will certainly be a talking point in team meetings with their colleagues!

Branded Headset

      If you receive a swanky new headset especially for use during the event it reeks of valuable content. You’d struggle to resist tuning in!

Coffee Mug and cookie

This will grab attention both on and off screen, the average mug is used 4.75 times every day which gives great exposure off screen but it is now also the star of the Zoom call giving your logo a much wider audience!


Fortune Cookie Raffle/Golden Ticket Wonka Style Chocolate Bar

Hold a live raffle towards the end of the event during which people must share their pre-sent raffle numbers. You could request that they answer questions on a form about the sponsors or content in order to be eligible for the raffle. We can supply both of these items with a unique raffle number inside them.

Sponsorship Gift Box

If your sponsors have a dedicated area in the event enable them to exhibit virtually, they may wish to reward their visitors with a gift for taking some action such as booking a meeting or downloading a white paper.  You can offer them the opportunity to get their brand in front of all of your visitors by participating in a sponsorship goody box scheme whereby they can add a gift and collateral into a shared box and share the delivery costs with other sponsors or virtual exhibitors.


Don’t forget to thank your speakers!

A beautifully engraved Cross pen will do the job perfectly, personalised and presented in a luxury gift box for real wow factor.

You could also offer an incentive for booking next year while your exhibitors and sponsors are still on a high from a successful day. This stylish branded desk set will keep the event front of mind and on their desks all year round.

SAMPLE Work from home charge and focus set

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This post was written by Shout Promotional Merchandise