30 Cool Merchandise Ideas for Cosy Winter Evenings

December 4, 2020 4:29 pm

What does your perfect evening at home look like? Is it a hot chocolate in your favourite mug? Or watching your favourite film? Is it playing games with the family? Or going on a long, wintery walk?

Whatever your perfect evening in looks like, we’ve got 30 amazing merchandise ideas for all your cosy winter evening needs. From evenings in playing board games, to self-care luxury goods. We’ve got some great suggestions for speakers, too, to make your home cinema even more fantastic.  And why not check out our amazing range of warm clothing? Perfect for cold, wintery walks.

Of course, what makes these ideas even better is that they can all be branded with your logo, bringing your brand home this winter. There’re some great gift ideas for your clients, colleagues, and customers too, that we’re sure they’ll love over the next few months.

Merchandise for Cosy evenings in

I’ll set the scene, shall I? You’ve got a piping hot chocolate in your favourite mug (don’t forget the whipped cream and marshmallows), you’ve got a cosy blanket wrapped around you, a hot water bottle, a candle lit, and a few biscuits waiting to be eaten. Your colour changing speaker is on, and someone’s just asked you if you’d like some mulled wine in your personalised glass. The ultimate cosy winter evening in. And made better with the items below. All branded with your logo, making it all that extra special for clients, colleagues, and customers alike.

Merchandise for self-care

Self-care and mental wellness are so important this time of year. With it getting dark by 4pm now (I know, horrible), it can be hard to stay positive and motivated. With that in mind, what better way to show your clients and colleagues you care about their mental wellbeing than with some amazing, branded self-care gifts? Think long warm bubbly baths with your favourite songs playing.

Merchandise for Home entertainment

Having the ultimate home entertainment system is the KEY to enjoying long, dark, winter evenings. Recreate the perfect cinema experience at home with our favourite speaker suggestions below (don’t forget your favourite drink and popcorn, too). Is there truly anything better than watching your favourite film with crisp, clear, booming sound? Yes, when that amazing speaker is branded with your logo AND you have some tasty, branded sweets, too.

Games Night

If you want to create a real buzz around staying in, why not suggest a games night with your nearest and dearest? Perfect too for clients and colleagues, it’s all about building those relationships this winter season, even if we can’t meet in person. Let them see your fun (or should I say, competitive?) side this winter with a game of cards, dominoes or our all time favourite wooden stacking game.

Keep Warm

There’s nothing worse than feeling cold on a long country walk, or when you’re commuting into the office. Why not gift your clients a fancy new bottle perfect for hot beverages? This UV Steriliser Vacuum bottle has been super popular this year. Your clients will definitely be thanking you for keeping them warm this winter with a fantastic fleece jacket, beanie, or scarf when their train is delayed (again). All items can be embroidered for that luxury branded look. And take a look at our antibacterial touch-screen gloves, great for keeping your hands safe and warm this winter.

More Cool Merchandise Ideas?

What’s your favourite idea above? How’re you planning on spending these cold, winter evenings? Let us know if you’d like more information on the attached by contacting us through our enquiries form, or by emailing sales@shoutpm.co.uk.

This post was written by Shout Promotional Merchandise