Virtual Sales Kick Off Ideas

December 17, 2020 12:18 pm

With some good planning and a little creativity it’s possible to set your team up for success with a virtual sales kick off this year.

Energize Your Team

Get your team involved from the start by giving them ownership of some elements of the kick off. Ask them organise a fun interactive warm up game or quiz.

Sales Kick Off Strategy Communication

This is where we get down to the serious business of looking at the year ahead and communicating our plans and goals. Maximum focus and attention are required here. Equip your attendees with some decent noise cancelling headphones to cut out distraction. Encourage them to jot down questions during the presentation and ask them at the end.

Team Building for a Virtual Sales Kick Off

Nurturing a team spirit is one of the biggest challenges facing any organisation that operates remotely. With this in mind, team building is probably the most important and impactful section of any effective sales kick off. Here are a few ideas to help your teams to bond:

Team shirts

According to this Science Direct Article, the concept of ‘enclothed cognition’ describes the systematic influence that clothes have on the wearer’s psychological processes. Therefore it should follow that to wear your team colour is not just a uniform. It will also increase your own internal sense of unity and loyalty to your team (ask any football supporter!). We can help with a wide range of clothing, get in touch for more details.

Themed Team Games

A theme is great to set the scene and sending a taster gift before hand will really help to build excitement and get everyone engaged. Here are a couple of ideas to get you started:

Mini Desk Campfire

This sets the scene for some great story telling games, quizzes or challenges. We can send out a kit including everything you need for desktop campfire fun.

Mini Desk Olympics

This is fun for crafting enthusiasts, fashion the best playdough Olympic rings or tissue paper flame. Pass the virtual baton with an at home treasure hunt!

Celebrate Success

When we’re looking at challenging years 2020 is a good contender! Just keeping our head above water and making it through the year is a huge reason for the whole team to celebrate with a highlight on individual achievements. Here are some products that can help in with this element of your sales kick off.


When it comes to celebrating sales success, awards are a serious business but it’s nice to add an element of fun here too such as the biggest Zoom blooper of the year or the best dressed at home award!

Personalised Branded Champagne

Help your team to feel valued and appreciated and encourage camaraderie by raising a glass to toast success

For further information or more ideas please contact we’d love to hear about your planned event!

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