Merchandise Webstores

January 13, 2021 9:49 am

Merchandise Webstores

The Dreaded Merchandise Store Cupboard

Managing this treasure trove of physical resources can become a full time job. People always need whatever is at the back of the cupboard urgently and handing over the key can result in a kind of ‘reverse Marie Kondo’ leaving your neatly organised space looking a little like it’s been ransacked. Re-organising the cupboard and stock taking are probably not going to be at the top of a marketing team’s priority list and this makes keeping track very difficult and time consuming. For some organisations  with limited office space, the sheer volume of merchandise means that there simply isn’t enough storage especially during event season. Have you ever found yourself having to tunnel through cardboard boxes just to get to your desk?

At Geiger we have 30,000 sq ft of warehousing and our stock control system can provide you with up to the minute reporting. Just direct the sales team to the webstore, they can place their order and you will receive a regular report showing exactly where your resources have gone and what’s left in stock. No mess, no boxes, no counting!

Merchandise Webstores Protect your Brand Integrity

Do you find that no matter how many times you send out the brand guidelines, somehow someone always manages to slip through the net?  Often creating their own modified interpretation because they thought the logo could do with jazzing up a bit.

At Geiger, your brand guidelines are our bible. Every product on your webstore will be pre-selected with you to reflect your values and all artwork pre-approved by you. Nothing slips through the net. We can accommodate multiple brands or artworks on one site.

Cost Savings

Marketing managers often order their merchandise frequently and in small quantities throughout the year. This is usually due to a lack of storage space or last minute requests. A Geiger merchandise webstore will help you to:

Control individual budgets – these can be set for individual logins

Benefit from Economies of Scale – everyone orders from an agreed set range which is branded in larger quantities

Monitor and control costs via simple reporting

Spend your valuable time on other projects

Merchandise Webstores Offer Easy Tracking and Monitoring

Many different departments have requests for merchandise and it can be difficult and time consuming to keep track.

A Geiger merchandise webstore will give you Inventory management and reporting, as well as real-time inventory and custom reports to help you monitor and control stocks, costs, usage and trends. We can help you promote leftover stock  and communicate new products and campaigns


Geiger offers shops that are PCI-compliant and secure, with each client’s needs assessed (for single sign-on, approvals, etc.) We are also fully GDPR Compliant.


Last but not least, everyone loves a new technology platform to make their life easier,  users will love our easy to use, retail standard platform with intuitive navigation and high quality images. We can even integrate with your existing systems. You will be the ultimate hero!

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This post was written by Shout Promotional Merchandise