Products that Give Back: The CorrectBook

Did you know, 250 million children worldwide go to school every day without access to basic equipment, like pens and paper?

Unthinkable, isn’t it?

CorrectBook want to put a STOP to this with their amazing endlessly reusable notebook. Just write on the paper with the special pen, and then wipe the writing away when you’re done.

And the notebook is as good as new, and can be used again and again and, well, again!

CorrectBook want to END illiteracy in developing areas with the reusable notebook, supporting children in their education and development.

Has there ever been a more important notebook?

And great news! For every CorrectBook that we sell, we’ll gift one to a child in a developing area, as part of our NEW Products that Give Back series.

Do you want to help CorrectBook end illiteracy? Contact us at for more information.

Brilliant Idea - Reusable Notebook

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Brilliant Idea - Reusable Notebook